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What is Mi Box? How it works & Do you really need it?

Xiaomi has recently launched its latest Mi Box 4K, which is capable of turning any regular screen into a smart TV! This new feature-rich device is boosting people’s minds as this can be a game-changer for modern TVs. With the new Mi Box 4K, you can stream online content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc. Apart from that, you can enjoy Android games on a large TV screen. Apart from this, you can use Google’s assistant to operate the TV. All these futuristic features stuffed inside a small Media box made by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K is a media box that runs on the latest Android and is equipped with powerful hardware. Because of the hardware capabilities,s you can enjoy 4K media content and streaming on your TV screen. You can pair the Mi Box with any TV, but it works best with Mi TV with 4K resolution support. Let us explore the new Mi Box 4K and see whether it is the right choice to buy it or not!

What is Xiaomi Mi Box 4K?

what is Mi Box

Mi Box is an Android streaming box for TVs. It’s just like a set-top box, but instead of using a dish antenna and microwave signals to capture TV channels, the box uses the internet connection for online content streaming. You can connect this box to any TV supporting HDMI connectivity. This Box helps to turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV.

As per stats, Consumers bought more than 42 million non-smart TVs in the past four years. This is a perfect option for those who bought a non-smart but still expensive TV and want to enjoy the features of a smart TV. Xiaomi, with its dominance in the market with its TV lineups, has now gotten into the streaming box market.

How does Xiaomi Mi Box work?

mi box 4k

Firstly you have to connect your TV to the box using an HDMI cable. Then connect the box to the internet using Wi-Fi and start watching your content and apps on the big screen. The box runs on Android TV 9.0, which comes with many great features. This supports your favorite content streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar. It also supports more than 5000 apps available to download from the Play Store.

Mi Box 4K Specifications

The box houses a fast, modern 64bit quad-core processor running at 2.0Ghz along with Mali-450 GPU clocking at 750MHz. So, playing 4k video at 60fps won’t be a problem.

Mi Box 4K Specifications

Also, the box comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM along with 8GB of eMMC storage, for a faster and smoother experience.

Software and Hardware Features

mi box features

The Mi Box runs on Android 9, which comes with voice command powered by Google Assistant. With Google Assistant, you can search content, ask it to play music or video using voice, and control your smart home devices from the help of your TV remote. The box can support HD(720p), FHD (1080p), and 4K TVs. So you can use it with your old Tv unless it doesn’t have an HDMI port.

The Box supports the HDR-10 standard. With it, you can watch content with true to life color and saturation. It supports Dolby and DTS 2.0 sound system for immersive and rich audio playback, which is a standard audio codec supported by many streaming platforms. The Mi box comes with a built-in Chromecast function. Hence, you can cast your phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV with it. It’s not like a standard casting function; it can cast 4K content from your device through Wi-Fi.


For I/O, the box comes with an HDMI 2.0 and USB 2.0 connector for use with your local USB hard disks and pen drives. The box doesn’t have any ethernet port for connection. But, its built-in Wi-Fi will be sufficient since there is no point in everything to be wired. For wireless connections, this also supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology. The box uses a 3.5mm digital out for connecting with home theatres and sound systems. The box supports a variety of codecs for media playback. This box is capable of playing famous codecs like mp4, mp3, AAC formats.

Do You Really Need To Get A Xiaomi Mi 4K Box?

If you have an old TV that doesn’t have any smart features but has a magnificent display for which you’ve paid a lot of bucks, this is a perfect upgrading solution. Even many old Smart TVs that run on weak hardware and low memory fails to meet the modern requirement and standards.

Some smart TVs don’t support the latest streaming platforms. For those customers, who have outdated smart TVs, this helps them to enjoy the latest content without upgrading to a brand new smart TV.

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Mi Box vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

When compared with competitive solutions, the Mi Box surprisingly outperforms them when comparing with alternatives in the same price margin. Its hardware is future-proof and keeps up to this generation’s standards.

mi box vs amazon fire tv stick

The Mi Box 4K comes with Android TV and a data saving feature from Google. This helps you to watch three-time more content when compared to watching normally. This media box regularly updates you with your data consumptions. Since it has Chromecast built-in, you can play videos on the Wi-Fi network without using any Bandwidth.


Buying a TV is a one-time installment on which people put enough money to buy once. But, in a small period of time, technologies change, and your piece of hardware ages quickly and becomes outdated. Because of that, we always strive to upgrade our products with minimal expense to keep up with the current generation without being left out.

So, we always search for tiny improvements to keep up our old but expensive TV for the current age. Mi box helps to achieve that without any hassle and a huge bill. If you have a TV with Picture quality-centric features like Dynamic contrast, Sharp image, or even HDR, Dolby vision, and want to add smart features to it, MI box is the best choice to make.

FAQ: Learn more about Mi Box

What is Mi Box?

Mi Box is an Android streaming box for TVs. It’s just like a set-top box, but instead of using a dish antenna and microwave signals to capture TV channels, the box uses the internet connection for online content streaming. You can connect this box to any TV supporting HDMI connectivity.

Is Mi Box better than Amazon Fire TV Stick?

When compared with competitive solutions, the Mi Box surprisingly outperforms them when comparing with alternatives in the same price margin. Its hardware is future-proof and keeps up to this generation’s standards.

Does Mi Box support Netflix and Disney+?

Yes, Mi Box supports your favorite content streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar. It also supports more than 5,000+ apps available to download from the Play Store.

Mi Box Mi TV

Mi Box 4K – Features & Specifications | Everything you need to know

Traditional smart TVs don’t allow you to play 4K resolution videos if the service provider doesn’t support 4k resolution streaming. This is where the new Mi Box 4K draws the line. The new Mi Box 4K features a media control center that runs on Android TV. It supports the latest HDR 10 and Dolby sound system. The process of getting the best and high-quality experience is now available at an affordable package by Xiaomi Mi Box 4K. Along with all the Smart TV box features, you also get active data saver, 4K compatibility, and ergonomic design.

Lots of smart tv doesn’t give you the infinite freedom that you need, which is very annoying in some cases. For example, some smart TV does not support the latest Google Play apps and Chromecast. To tackle these sorts of issues that most people face, Xiaomi has introduced Mi Box 4K that can turn any traditional TV into Smart TV. The product saves you from buying new Smart TV or device, in order to upgrade your system performance and quality, you can rest assure using Mi Box because it supports all the present and future resolutions.

Mi Box 4K

Mi Box 4K Features & Specifications

Smart TV boxes can turn any average screen into an intelligent screen! The new Mi Box is packed with lots of features that will turn your regular TV into a more capable smart TV!

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Mi Box 4K Specifications

Mi Box is equipped with a 64bit 2.0Ghz quad-core processor and Mali-450 750Mhz GPU. The CPU and GPU are very powerful to run most of the average apps and games. It has 2GB of DDR3 RAM, which makes the system faster than traditional Smart TV. Even more, it also has 8GB of eMMC storage space for any reason, like firmware updates, etc.


To connect Mi Box to any TV, you have the HDMI 2.0b connectivity option with 2.0 USB to connect your PCs or Smartphones to browse pictures or offline videos. Moreover, you will also have a Bluetooth 4.3 option in which you can connect your speakers or gaming console.

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Mi Box is compatible with almost any Smart TV with HDMI support. To connect Mi Box to the TV, you just have to connect the HDMI cable. Then you have to connect the Mi box to the internet. After that, you can start streaming. You just need an internet connection for streaming. It is a straightforward method without any hassle that makes the Mi box a good buying option for significant households.


The features of Mi box is really amazing to look into. Firstly you have the support for all the major OTT streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Voot, Disney +, and even more. Since Mi Box runs on the latest Android TV, Mi Box supports almost all the Google Play apps and games. Therefore you will have over 5000 streaming apps available for your device.

Google Assistant

Mi box Remote supports Voice command to perform tasks using the Google Assistant. You can use controls like “OK Google, show me a list of latest Movies” or “OK Google, Open Despacito Song on Youtube,” etc.

Active 4K support

Mi Box 4K - Active 4K support

The device comes with 4k support. You can stream 4k resolution videos from apps. If your device supports 4k, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your device for 4k and further, as Mi Box insists that it will support further resolutions.

HDR 10

Hdr 10 on Mi Box 4k

Mi Box comes with HDR 10 support, which will give you lively and vibrant visuals rather than HDR visuals, which are a little dull in light. The new HDR 10 is much more vibrant in colors with good color reproduction.

Dolby Audio DTS Sound

The product supports the immersive sound of Dolby Audio DTS 2.0 with digital output. This will give you the best audio quality possible while streaming and will make you feel like you are in the scene as Dolby is known for its 3d surrounding sound system.

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Inbuilt Chromecast Support

Moreover, Mi Box 4K has a built-in Chromecast with supports of 5,000 apps, which enables you to mirror or cast almost any device, including a phone, tablet, or laptop on Mi Box or vice vera.

Advance Data Saving Options

Mi Box 4k data saving options

Mi Box has a Database for offline recording, and moreover, it comes with a data saver feature. The data saver feature enables you to watch three times more videos than usual with limited data. Therefore, you can stream more videos, and with the data counter feature which conserves your data, you can watch long video or TV shows without worrying about data plans.

Mi Box 4K Price

Considering all the features and connectivity options, Mi Box is priced very moderated for average customers. Since the device can pair with any TV screen and is universally 4K compatible, it is a great buy for 3,499 INR. For international markets, it is priced at 46 USD.


Mi Box is a great tool for smart TV, you only need an internet connection to stream unlimited videos, and it supports 4k resolution, which is great at this price. It is also packed with all the important streaming apps and features like Chromecast. Therefore it is no wonder that Mi Box 4K will stand out as one of the most reliable services for smart TV for streaming.


Mi 10 5G Specifications, Features, Price and Launch Dates

The well-known Xiaomi is the fastest growing smartphone company across the globe now. The company holds several smartphone lineups, with Mi and Redmi being two of the most popular among them. Over the past few years, both these brands have earned a very impressive reputation by introducing exclusive smartphones on the market. And now, after a very long wait, it’s time to introduce you to the very amazing Xiaomi MI 10 5G.

The Mi 10 5G has no doubt made us wait very long since it was first announced on 13th Feb 2020. Finally, we have every edge of details about this fantastic device. It seems like the developers have done a great job designing this phone. It just has every single thing you could have probably wished for and even more. And this makes it the best ever launches from Xiaomi. For all Mi fans, without wasting any further time, let’s unveil the true capacity of the Mi 10 5G flagship.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G, Device Specifications, Features, Price and Launch Dates

The latest launches from Mi, the Mi 10 5G, must be appreciated for its delicate design. The smartphone does come with enhanced features, improved texture, and a sophisticated touch design, making it a mark of brilliance. The device is available in two different elegant color variants: Coral Green and Twilight Blue. The colors, along with the cut-edge finish, ooze a sense of class and fit in with your lifestyle.

The smartphone comes with a 6.67-inch full HD+ AMOLED Display. It claims to have the most color-accurate display in addition to the brightest ever pannel. The flagship display is all the way crafted, evoking the sense of professionalism in mind. Besides, the 3D-curved display feels extremely comfortable for one-hand usage. Experience the ultimate excitement and creativeness with the all-new Mi 10 5G.

Now let’s move on to the next section, where we will talk about further specifications of the phone and have a sneak-peak at all the highlighted features.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Specifications

Mi 10 5G, Device Specifications, Features, Price and Launch Dates

The Mi 10 is powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 SoC. This includes the support for dual-band 5G and Wi-Fi 6, offering an outstanding upload/download speed. In fact, the device holds LPDDR5, the fastest and optimized power-efficient mobile RAM in the industry.

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Talking about its storage capacity, Mi 10 5G again comes in two different variants, featuring an 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage and 8GB RAM + 256GB Storage. Now, for such an extremely powerful device, Mi has combined vapor chamber liquid cooling with 7-layers of Graphite and Graphene. Having a triple-layer cooling mechanism in such a compact form seems to be a great achievement anyway.

Mi 10 5G Camera Features

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Camera

Whether we are buying a budget smartphone or a flagship phone, we always put primary attention to the camera section. As a result, it is no doubt that Mi fans are expecting something extraordinary this time. Luckily, the device contains a stunning quad-camera setup that would blow your mind with its unexpected features.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 comes with a 108MP main camera sensor placed in the middle of the top camera module. Featuring a large f 1.69 aperture, it absorbs more light from the environment. In addition, it also has a 2MP Depth-Sensor, a 2MP Macro Lens, and a 13MP Ultra-Wide Camera. At the bottom, you will find a dual-LED Flash along with a built-in flicker sensor.

What’s more interesting is the main camera sensor comes with OIS, allowing you to shoot stabilized videos/photos even in difficult terrain. It allows you to capture the perfect moment with detailed elements. Apart from these, the Mi 10 comes with AI 2.0, which further helps you with color adjustment, exposure correction, noise reduction, etc.

Moreover, the front camera contains a 20MP sensor to capture the perfect selfies at the perfect moment. The front camera, however, occupies a tiny portion on the top-left side of the screen, keeping in mind not to create hindrance during normal use or gaming.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Battery Analysis

Xiaomi Mi 10 Battery

The Mi 10 5G from Xiaomi, features one of the biggest batteries as compared to other flagships. It comes with a non-removable Li-Po 4780 mAh battery, placed vertically, maintaining the thickness of the device. The Mi 10 supports 30Watt wire turbo-charge. The best part of this device is, it features the fastest wireless charging in the smartphone industry that exactly equals the wired charging. Plus, you can now charge your other wireless charging devices with the Mi 10’s reversible 10 Watt wireless charging technology.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pricing & Launch Dates

Since the Xiaomi Mi 10, gives a tough competition to other flagships such as iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20. Thus, people are getting crazy to know more about the pricing of the brand new Mi 10 5G. Surprisingly, Xiaomi as always introduces their best flagships of 2020, at a reasonable price.

The 8GB RAM + 128GB storage variant is available at a price of just Rs 49,999, roughly translates to $679, whereas the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage variant is made available at Rs 54,999 that nearly circles around 850 euros.

The device was launched on 8th May 2020 and preorder stars from 11th May 2020. So if you would like to buy one, you can order it on 11th May 2020, and you will also get a free Mi wireless Powerbank, which supports 30W charging.

Accessories Redmi

15 Best Redmi K20 Pro Cases and Covers

Mi fans are over the moon owing to the latest releases, Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. These phones deemed as Flagship Killer 2.0 are all set to rule the mobile arena for the coming few months.

Describing these phones as outstanding would be a gross understatement. It goes without saying; you would spare no effort to protect this stunning phone. Hence, you will prefer cases and covers that complement the gorgeousness of these models, and also offer adequate protection.

Both these phones have launched recently. If you are unsure which covers would be ideal for these models, look no further. We have done the hard work for you. In the list that follows, you will become familiar with the best Redmi K20 Pro covers and cases. Keeping in mind the varied preferences of users, we have included both the tough and transparent cases.

Best Redmi K20 Pro Cases and Covers

1. Ringke Fusion-X Back Cover

Ringke Fusion-X Back redmi k20 Cover
Ringke Fusion-X Back Redmi K20 Pro Cover

K20 Pro sports an attractive gradient, and you may not prefer covering it with the case. The Ringke Fusion-X back cover for K20 Pro addresses this issue with great elan. The cover is transparent, which ensures the distinctive branding of the model is visible. It also comes with a TPU bumper that gives your phone a rugged look.

Since falls and drops are inevitable when you handle phones, the cover has corner protection to safeguard the K20 Pro from the unwanted events. You have the option of choosing from black, ruby red, and space blue colors.

As you can understand, the cover will make the phone look a bit bulky, but considering phones like K20 Pro are delicate, it is worth it.

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2. Transparent Hard Case for Redmi K20 Pro

Fortify Xundd Transparent Hybrid Hard Case for k20 pro
Fortify Xundd Transparent Hybrid Hard Case

The case offers MIL-STD 810G Certified Military Grade Drop Protection. Furthermore, the manufacturer has raised the side edges. Thus, scratches and scuff marks, a common problem for the phones will become non-existent. This cover also sports a transparent but dual look.

It also offers ample protection for the back camera. The cutouts for charging ports, speaker grills, buttons, microphone, and camera fit with precision. Overall, the case made of premium TPU bumper and hard acrylic PC guarantees a hassle-free experience.

The price of the phone does seem to be hefty. But considering the features, it is well worth it.

3. Zapcase Back Cover Case for K20 Pro

Zapcase Back Cover Case
Zapcase Back Cover Case for K20 Pro

The TPU rubberized material seems to have become indispensable. The Zapcase is yet another back cover case for Redmi K20 Pro made from the TPU material. You will never bother about bumps and scratches after fitting this case.

The bumpers offer anti-shock cushion technology that can resist the impact of falls and drops. Furthermore, the precise cutouts allow you easy access to the various ports and buttons of the phone.

The ultra-thin and trendy design case is lightweight. It offers a soft, comfortable touch feel and protection for the Redmi K20. Zapcase cover fact will make your phone look even more gorgeous.

If you have a thick screen guard, it might be a tad problematic as it can sport a bump all around it. Those who use a plastic screen guard should not have any problems.

4. Designerz Hub Shock Proof K20 Pro Cover

Designerz Hub Shock Proof Back Cover for k20 pro
Designerz Hub Shock Proof Back Cover

The high shockproof Designerz back cover compliments the K20 with perfection. It has a dual-layer design along with a soft TPU material. After installing the cover, it is destined to give you a premium look and feel.

The cover being shockproof, it safeguards the phone against bumps and drops. What more, the cover is waterproof. If needed, you can wash and reuse the cover.

Additionally, the cover is fingerprint-proof, tear, and dust resistant. We found this cover offers 360-degree coverage with raising lips from the front. The feature described above promises protection of the phone from every angle.

It sports a pitch-black color along with a matte finish. This case is not as robust as some of the other cases and covers we covered earlier, but it is definitely worth a try.

5. Designerz Hub 3 in 1 Slim Fit Hybrid Case

redmi k20 pro Designerz Hub 3 in 1 Slim Fit Hybrid Case
Designerz Hub 3 in 1 Slim Fit Hybrid Case

Here comes another case from Designerz, which we found to be very useful. True to its name, 3 in 1, the case offers a sleek and unique look along with the necessary protection for Redmi K20 Pro. Moreover, the name implies its 3 in 1 construction.

It provides 360-degree protection and is perhaps the slimmest fit compare to all the other cases available in the market. Without a doubt, the phone will look stunning when you install this case.

As you can expect, this cover also has precise cutouts for providing easy access to the different buttons and ports on the phone. However, you have to handle the case with care; else the corners may become worn out.

6. Rugged Back Cover Case for Redmi K20

Kapaver Rugged Back Cover Case for k20 pro
Kapaver Rugged Back Cover Case for K20 Pro

The Kapaver Rugged back cover case is for those who prefer a sturdy mobile cover. It offers MIL-STD 810G, ensuring protection from drops and falls. The impact-resistant bumpers can absorb any shocks with precision.

It safeguards the screen of the phone owing to its tailor-made lip design. The raised lip offers protection from accidental scratches when you place the phone face down on flat surfaces.

According to some of the users, the air cushion is not the very best at the corners. The cover is also prone to displace at the earpiece area. So, you should handle it with caution.

7. Redmi K20 Pro Magnetic Flip Cover

KLD Magnetic Flip Cover for k20 pro
KLD Magnetic Flip Cover for Redmi K20 Pro

Here we shift our focus on a different type of cover for Redmi K20 Pro. Ideally, this cover will suit those who prefer getting more than protection for their phone. The folio case from KLD guarantees total protection from bumps, scratches, drops, and falls.

The case is made from premium leather, the inside of the cover is soft shockproof, and the backside is made from TPU. The raised edges guarantee minimum damage to the screen.

And that is not all; the cover comes with a host of additional benefits too. The case comes with slots; you can use it as a wallet to carry debit/credit cards, and bills — the case couples with a kick-stand for holding the phone.

Now enjoy entertainment without having to worry about arranging a stand for the phone. Since the cover is thick, it can sometimes pose a challenge using the fingerprint sensor.

8. Dual Layer Armor Case for K20 Pro

Dual Layer Armor Case for K20 Pro
The Giftkart Neo-Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Case

The dual-layer armor case can be the perfect case for your precious phone. The first layer is made out of a ballistic shock absorbent polymer. The other segment comprises a robust, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. Simultaneously, it also offers additional protection for scratches and smudges.

The manufacturer claims, by using this case, you can reduce the chance of signal loss. With this case, you never have to worry about the accidental drops and falls. As you can expect, a premium case such as the GiftKart offers the best cutouts on the case for accessing the various ports and buttons of the phone. The matte finish adds to the style statement and is available in Black and Blue variants.

The structure of the case, according to some users muffles the sound output, and the volume level decreases slightly. But owing to the all-round protection, the case is undoubtedly a good buy.

9. Silicon Flexible Shockproof TPU Back Case

Silicon Flexible Shockproof TPU Back Case for k20 pro
Jkobi Silicon Flexible Shockproof TPU Back Case

The case is the best choice for those who prefer transparent covers. It allows you to flaunt the gradient of the Redmi K20 Pro while protecting it. The flexible shockproof TPU is the best bet for all the owners of the newly released Redmi variants.

It’s sports a slimmer profile than most of the other cases in the league. The raised lips offer ample protection to the phone screen from scratches and damages. The precision cutouts guarantee superior access to all the ports and buttons of the phone.

After installing the case, you might spot some bubbles in the back of your phone. Do not stress too much over it, as those bubbles will fade away automatically.

10. Fortify Hybrid Armor Shockproof TPU Case

Armor Shockproof TPU Case for Redmi K20
Fortify Hybrid Armor Shockproof TPU Case for K20 Pro

Here is one more case from Fortify. Users who are looking for a rugged cover that can withstand anything, go for this case. The shockproof corners ensure fall protection, and the raised edges offer protection to the camera and screen of the phone.

The inclusion of a metal plate provides you the convenience to use it with a magnetic cardholder, and ring holder. Simultaneously, it can also double up like a kickstand.

The Fortify Hybrid Armor is a bit costly in comparison to the other phone covers.

11. Shockproof Protective Soft Back Case Cover

Fortify Hybrid Armor Shockproof TPU Case
Fortify Hybrid Armor Shockproof TPU Case

With this case cover, expect all the bells and whistles that come with transparent cases. It comprises all the essential qualities for offering protection to your phone. Issues such as micro-scratches, dings, and gashes are not going to worry you anymore.

As you can understand, cases such as these do not offer heavy-duty protection, but they are an excellent option for those who want to flaunt the style. The shockproof corners, along with air cushion technology are a big bonus.

The front lip is 0.76mm a tad higher than the front screen, and the back edge depth is 1.2mm. As you can expect from these transparent covers, the color will gradually change owing to dust and usage. However, that will take time till then make good use of it.

12. Mi Premium Liquid Silicone Case for K20 Pro

Mi Silicone Case for k20 pro
Mi Original Premium Silicone Case for Redmi K20 Pro

You can also check this cover from Redmi, which is exclusively designed for the Redmi K20 variants. It sports a liquid silicone shell, and according to them, it is anti-smudge and of premium quality.

With the addition of a scratch-resistant microfiber cloth, it safeguards the device from scratches and scuffs. The case is made from high-quality material, and it offers a superior grip and hand feel. Go and grab this case, if you think it is worthwhile getting a premium quality cover from the makers of the phone.

13. Slim Shockproof Leather Case for Redmi K20 Pro

Leather case for Redmi k20 pro
Golden Sand Slim Shock Proof K20 Pro Case with Leather Texture

The premium leather texture of the case combines the best style statement, along with protection. The thin and sleek case hardly adds bulk to the look of the phone. The cover is made of a shockproof TPU material with Armor protection.

It is easy to remove and install. The case is fingerprint-proof, scratch proof, and washable. It also has Heat Dissipation Design, flexible and tear-resistant materials to go with it. The cover is pricey, but it guarantees peace of mind.

14. Foso Back Case for K20 Pro

Foso Back Case k20 pro
Foso Back Case Redmi K20 Pro

If you prefer showing the gorgeous backside of your Redmi K20 Pro, naturally, a transparent case would be your choice. However, you are unsure if it will go with your careless nature. Check out the Foso back case in that case.

The toughened glass case will ensure protection against accidental falls. It also sports bumpers, and the glass case gives excellent wear and tear protection. The raised lip offers protection to the screen from scratches. The cutouts align perfectly, and it provides a solid grip. As of now, the black and red are the only color variants available.

15. Bumper TPU Frame and Tempered Glass Back Case Cover

Hardness Luxurious Toughened Tempered Glass Back k20 pro Case Cover
Hardness Luxurious Toughened Tempered Glass Back K20 Pro Case Cover

The name says it all. The case has all the essential qualities for offering all-round protection to your Redmi K20 variants. The back case is made of 9H tempered glass. Furthermore, the oleophobic coating resists oils and fingerprints.

The TPU frame is robust, safeguards the phone from accidental bumps and falls on all the four sides. The edges are soft, so it does not hurt the phone. Despite so many cool features, the price of the case is not high. We could not identify any flaws with this cover. Those who appreciate sturdy covers for their phones should seriously consider looking at buying this cover.

We have covered 15 Redmi K20 Pro cases and covers for you to protect your phone. The Redmi K20 and the K20 Pro are beautiful phones. It is obvious; you will buy a cover for them. Pick one of your choices from this list, and you will not regret it.