Mi Box 4K – Features & Specifications | Everything you need to know

Traditional smart TVs don’t allow you to play 4K resolution videos if the service provider doesn’t support 4k resolution streaming. This is where the new Mi Box 4K draws the line. The new Mi Box 4K features a media control center that runs on Android TV. It supports the latest HDR 10 and Dolby sound system. The process of getting the best and high-quality experience is now available at an affordable package by Xiaomi Mi Box 4K. Along with all the Smart TV box features, you also get active data saver, 4K compatibility, and ergonomic design.

Lots of smart tv doesn’t give you the infinite freedom that you need, which is very annoying in some cases. For example, some smart TV does not support the latest Google Play apps and Chromecast. To tackle these sorts of issues that most people face, Xiaomi has introduced Mi Box 4K that can turn any traditional TV into Smart TV. The product saves you from buying new Smart TV or device, in order to upgrade your system performance and quality, you can rest assure using Mi Box because it supports all the present and future resolutions.

Mi Box 4K

Mi Box 4K Features & Specifications

Smart TV boxes can turn any average screen into an intelligent screen! The new Mi Box is packed with lots of features that will turn your regular TV into a more capable smart TV!

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Mi Box 4K Specifications

Mi Box is equipped with a 64bit 2.0Ghz quad-core processor and Mali-450 750Mhz GPU. The CPU and GPU are very powerful to run most of the average apps and games. It has 2GB of DDR3 RAM, which makes the system faster than traditional Smart TV. Even more, it also has 8GB of eMMC storage space for any reason, like firmware updates, etc.


To connect Mi Box to any TV, you have the HDMI 2.0b connectivity option with 2.0 USB to connect your PCs or Smartphones to browse pictures or offline videos. Moreover, you will also have a Bluetooth 4.3 option in which you can connect your speakers or gaming console.

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Mi Box is compatible with almost any Smart TV with HDMI support. To connect Mi Box to the TV, you just have to connect the HDMI cable. Then you have to connect the Mi box to the internet. After that, you can start streaming. You just need an internet connection for streaming. It is a straightforward method without any hassle that makes the Mi box a good buying option for significant households.


The features of Mi box is really amazing to look into. Firstly you have the support for all the major OTT streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Voot, Disney +, and even more. Since Mi Box runs on the latest Android TV, Mi Box supports almost all the Google Play apps and games. Therefore you will have over 5000 streaming apps available for your device.

Google Assistant

Mi box Remote supports Voice command to perform tasks using the Google Assistant. You can use controls like “OK Google, show me a list of latest Movies” or “OK Google, Open Despacito Song on Youtube,” etc.

Active 4K support

Mi Box 4K - Active 4K support

The device comes with 4k support. You can stream 4k resolution videos from apps. If your device supports 4k, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your device for 4k and further, as Mi Box insists that it will support further resolutions.

HDR 10

Hdr 10 on Mi Box 4k

Mi Box comes with HDR 10 support, which will give you lively and vibrant visuals rather than HDR visuals, which are a little dull in light. The new HDR 10 is much more vibrant in colors with good color reproduction.

Dolby Audio DTS Sound

The product supports the immersive sound of Dolby Audio DTS 2.0 with digital output. This will give you the best audio quality possible while streaming and will make you feel like you are in the scene as Dolby is known for its 3d surrounding sound system.

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Inbuilt Chromecast Support

Moreover, Mi Box 4K has a built-in Chromecast with supports of 5,000 apps, which enables you to mirror or cast almost any device, including a phone, tablet, or laptop on Mi Box or vice vera.

Advance Data Saving Options

Mi Box 4k data saving options

Mi Box has a Database for offline recording, and moreover, it comes with a data saver feature. The data saver feature enables you to watch three times more videos than usual with limited data. Therefore, you can stream more videos, and with the data counter feature which conserves your data, you can watch long video or TV shows without worrying about data plans.

Mi Box 4K Price

Considering all the features and connectivity options, Mi Box is priced very moderated for average customers. Since the device can pair with any TV screen and is universally 4K compatible, it is a great buy for 3,499 INR. For international markets, it is priced at 46 USD.


Mi Box is a great tool for smart TV, you only need an internet connection to stream unlimited videos, and it supports 4k resolution, which is great at this price. It is also packed with all the important streaming apps and features like Chromecast. Therefore it is no wonder that Mi Box 4K will stand out as one of the most reliable services for smart TV for streaming.

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